Never Waive The Inspection! Instead, Use One of These 6 Out of the Box Ideas To Get the Offer Accepted

Waiving a home inspection is NOT be the smartest move. But if your client is dead set on it, here’s what you need to do.

Home Inspections: Non-Negotiable?

Home inspections are your best friend in a real estate deal. They can save you a ton of trouble and unexpected repair costs down the road. So, when a client says, “Let’s skip the inspection to sweeten the deal,” it’s a red flag.

The “Acknowledgment and Release Form”

If your client insists on waiving the inspection, protect yourself and them with this form. It should clearly state:

“We’re waiving the inspection, and we know it’s a risk. We get that this isn’t typical, and if things go south with the property, we won’t hold our Realtor® responsible. We’re aware we could end up with some hefty repair bills.”

But, Are They Really Sure?

Even if your client knows their way around a toolbox or has some building know-how, it’s still risky. Have them sign the form, no exceptions.

Check out these 6 out of the box ideas that I use to get the offer accepted instead of waiving the inspection:

Stay savvy, folks. In real estate, it’s all about making informed, smart choices – not just for you, but for your clients too.

  1. Covering Additional Seller Costs: Sweeten your offer by proposing to cover the seller’s title insurance, title fees, recording fees, and even the transfer tax. This financial relief can be a significant incentive for sellers to consider your offer more favorably.
  2. Repair Threshold Promise: Instead of waiving the inspection, suggest an agreement where you won’t request fixes for issues that cost below a set amount, like $10,000. This approach reassures sellers that you’re not looking to nitpick on minor issues revealed in the inspection.
  3. Professional Moving Services: Stand out by offering to take care of the seller’s moving expenses. Covering the cost of professional movers and providing a storage unit for a certain period can make the prospect of moving less daunting for the seller.
  4. Landscaping Services: Propose a year of free professional landscaping for the seller’s new property. This thoughtful gesture not only adds value but also demonstrates your commitment to a smooth transition for them.
  5. Tickets to Events: Everyone loves entertainment. Offer tickets to the seller’s favorite sports team or local theater. This personal touch can make your offer more memorable and appealing.
  6. Luxury Spa Package: As a gesture of goodwill, gift the seller a luxury spa package to enjoy after their move. It’s a great way to help them relax and de-stress during what can be a hectic time.

Remember, the goal here is to create a win-win situation. By offering these thoughtful and beneficial incentives, you’re showing the seller that you value their property and are committed to a fair and smooth transaction. These strategies can make your offer more attractive, potentially giving you an edge in competitive situations, all while ensuring the essential home inspection remains part of the deal.